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In a time management environment, the employee portal facilitates communication between the employee and their supervisor. It also enables the flexible decentralisation of some HR processes (holiday requests, management of markings, schedule requests, queries, etc.).

It enables supervisors to have a more global vision of their team and some of the administrative tasks (requests, approval, refusals, holidays, leave, etc.).

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How does it work?

How does it work?

The employee portal is designed to operate in synchronisation with the time management programs. It provides an up-to-date information flow of the Time Control, presenting it clearly.

There are parameters according to the type of information or data that can be seen or edited by the employees.

The employees have access to their own portal where they can see their movements (markings), where they can also check their personal calendar and request holidays, justify absences, etc. If the visitor's module is provided they can plan a visit.

The supervisors have access to a portal which includes their information and that of the employees they are in charge of. They are in charge of validating, approving or refusing the requests from their employees.

For example, an employee puts in a holiday request and the supervisor receives it and must then approve or refuse the request.

Intended for:

  • Companies of all types and sizes and from all sectors (from 25 to 50,000 employees).
  • One or various headquarters, centres or factories.
  • Different security access levels.

Compatible with:

  • Time management
  • Access control
  • Control of visitors
  • Remote marking
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