Car Park

Car park

The management of a car park is important, both in terms of the recording of the entry and exit of vehicles and people (internal and external staff), and the control of access elements.

Barrier control, number plate readers, detection loops, traffic lights and display panels for free spaces are essential in the management of a car park.

The capacity and the allocation of spaces need to be managed as well as the access time, among other aspects.

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NetTime & Spec Manager


Access Control
How does it work?

How does it work?

When a vehicle approaches the entrance of the area, a loop or photocell detects it and activates the identification system installed (number plate reader or windscreen-mounted RFID tag).

If the identification is correct and the software authorises entry, a signal is sent to the terminal to open the barrier and to change the colour of the traffic light. The authorisation depends on parameters such as time of access, the capacity, and the free car parking spaces. Once the system has detected that the vehicle has entered, the barrier closes and the traffic light returns to red.

We can provide different solutions since the installation of elements preventing access, devices for the identification of vehicles and control access terminals is very flexible and means they can be adapted to the majority of companies.

Intended for:

  • Companies of all types and sizes and from all sectors (from 25 to 50,000 employees).
  • One or various headquarters, centres or factories.
  • Different security access levels.

Compatible with:

  • Time management
  • Control of visitors
  • Management of subcontractors (CAE).
  • Connection to a SAP platform
  • Integrated control access terminals or access elements (staffs for cars and lorries).
  • Readers and specific accessories: Number plate readers, windscreen Tags, photocell, traffic lights, entry phone systems, info panels, etc.
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