Our solutions are certified by several software business management to exchange data.

Data management, access and presence generates data that can be useful in many business areas, for example in Human Resources to make payroll in Subcontracts Management to control the entry of subcontracted personnel in the company, or human capital management (payroll) of ERP to share information and avoid duplication of high.

I built tools for importing and exporting data in our programs to facilitate this exchange of data between applications.

How does it work?


    Given the high demand to automate the calculation and payroll, based on the information managed by our programs Control Schedule, have links to various applications Payroll and Human Resources.
    Our programs are trained to perform advanced arithmetic calculations and results of schedules specific to export them to other database applications that can make their own management.
    For example, integrated payroll and HR data management time and presence is fundamental in many companies because it allows them to easily make the lists from the information generated and managed in our control programs schedule.

    We have approved and certified products for the exchange of information with SAP®. We created a communication system that processes the markings of the terminals for the SAP® system can make the management of human resources.
    This system offers two different interfaces for connection to SAP®, and HR-CC1 PDF (Business Connector, XI and PI).
    Using these interfaces allow our programs receive high persons, incidents and balances and send the markings made. They can also be used for notifications of consumption, for example in the dining room.

    This tool is used to link imported automatically from applications Coordination of Business Activities (CAE), the relevant information to the contractors who have access to the company and to give documents access to their validity.
    Prevents problems caused by illegal access, since the authorization or is not directly linked to the completion documents required by each company. This link includes information programs to coordinate business activities with features that offer our access control applications.

Intended for:

  • Companies of all types and sizes and from all sectors (from 25 to 50,000 employees).
  • One or various headquarters, centres or factories.
  • Different security access levels.

Compatible with:

  • Time management
  • Access control
  • Management of subcontractors (CAE).
  • Evacuation module.
  • Connection to a SAP platform.
  • Access control terminal, integrated or not in access elements (barriers, turnstiles, etc.).
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