Control of visitors

Control of visitors
The aim of the control of visitors is to find out who outside of the company has entered or left it at any given time.
It fundamentally consists of recording the name of the visitor, the company they represent, the person they are coming to visit, the reason for their visit, and the start and end times of their visit.

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How does it work?

  • Two possible options

    1st Visit scheduled by the employee:

    Prior to the visit, the employee can register the visit – identify and introduce the data into the system – and the reason for the visit.
    When the visitor arrives on site, a receptionist looks after them, verifying their ID and adding any additional information, for example the material or the luggage that they are bringing into the company, and if necessary, assigns and presents them with a visitor card in order to give them access and be located.
    The receptionist notifies the employee in order for them to meet the visitor.

    2nd Unscheduled visit:

    A receptionist looks after the visitor to identify them and introduce the data into the system. In this process, the reason for the visit, the person they come to visit and any additional information, according to the security level, is registered.
    As an option, the visitor can be presented with a card with which they will have access to certain areas of the company's premises.
    The receptionist notifies the employee in order for them to meet the visitor.
  • Control of the visit

    Control of the visit

    The receptionist can control –in real time– which visits are active and which visits have finalised, all via the application's control panel.
    If the visitor has an access card, the receptionist can find out where the visitor is at any given time.
    In the event of an emergency, this control system enables the visitor to be taken into account within the evacuation protocol.
  • History of visits

    History of visits

    Lists of the visits performed can be obtained at any given time, with all the details: name of the visitor, company they represent, time of entry and departure, reason for the visit. Even additional information regarding material/luggage which they introduce into the building, and which they take with them, for example.

    Solution for:

    * Access control for internal and external staff – not subcontractors.
    * Security in the event of an emergency (evacuation plan).

Intended for:

  • Companies of all types and sizes and from all sectors (from 25 to 50,000 employees).
  • One or various headquarters, centres or factories.
  • Different security access levels.

Compatible with:

  • Time management.
  • Access Control.
  • Management of subcontractors, coordinating business activities (CAE).
  • Evacuation module.
  • Connection to a SAP platform.
  • Access control terminal, integrated or not in access elements (barriers, turnstiles, etc.).
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